Texas School Health Advisory Committee

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Texas School Health Advisory Committee provides active leadership in the identification and dissemination of school health best practices and resources for school policy makers. Members: 1. Welcome, call to order, and logistical announcements. The meeting was convened by Eduardo Rios, Presiding Officer. , 2. minutes. The minutes were approved as drafted. 3. Presentation on the 2023 Texas School Nurse Workforce Survey. Questions and Data Demographics Sex, race, age, highest degree Location Retirement plans Campus characteristics Education levels, number of students, number of school nurses Trainings Taken and responsible for teaching Policy involvement Workload Involvement with other organizations Job satisfaction COVID-19 impact Response and Distribution Response Rate: 3,825/8,399 = 45.5% Identified 3,337 school nurses 216 counties represented through these responses 32.5% responses came from North Texas

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