The Weekly Insight: January 28

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Texas Insight’s Recent Reports

HHSC: Early Childhood Intervention Advisory Committee. The Committee gathered to hear an Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) program update; discuss Medicaid Autism Services Policy; hear a Preschool Development Grant update; review the Annual Performance Report; hear member reports; and take public comment. Find the full report here.

Looking Ahead

January 27, 2020: Texas Brain Injury Advisory Council

January 28, 2020: Proposed Medicaid Payment Rates for the 2020 Annual Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Updates

January 28, 2020: STAR Kids Managed Care Advisory Committee

January 29, 2020: Joint Committee on Access and Forensic Services

January 31, 2020: Newborn Screening Advisory Committee

State and Federal Healthcare News