Article II Markup Comparison by the Article II Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee and Senate Finance Committee: HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION

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Due to face masks, social distancing, and low speaking voices, a few decisions in the House could not be clearly understood. In the Senate Finance Committee, transparency in decision-making was a continuing problem. Every effort was made to report the decisions as accurately as possible. The House Subcommittee used a new convention called “Pend Plus” to designate a high priority if dollars are found to fund the item. Senate Finance decisions that were not reported are most likely not adopted. Decisions will be updated as the Committees update their documents. This is assumed to reflect the final Senate Finance Decisions. Riders will be covered in another document. *** This summary contains supplemental information from third-party sources where that information provides clarity to the issues being discussed. Not every comment or statement from the speakers in these summaries is an exact transcription. For the purpose of brevity, their statements are often par

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