Markup of Member-Suggested Riders Article II Subcommittee, House Appropriations Committee As of March 23rd, 2021

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On March 23rd the subcommittee met to discuss and make decisions on riders submitted by members. All members were invited to submit riders, whether on the subcommittee or not. Decisions options were the same as with items of appropriation: Adopted, Not Adopted, Pended, Pended Plus, and Article Eleven. Some initial rules were outlined; observations on the rules are provided here by Texas Insight: Legislation contingency riders all would be placed in Article Eleven. The “One Subject Rule” does not allow multiple issues to be addressed in one rider and therefore were often not adopted or had to be rewritten. Riders may not create new, or amend existing, legislation. The fate of “Pend Plus” items remains unclear. It appears that there is no clear strategy for addressing these in the bill at this time. It does not appear that there is a consensus among subcommittee chairs regarding the use and definition of, “Article Eleven.” This subcommittee is using article

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