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House Committee on Appropriations: HB1 and SB500

The Committee met to consider the following. HB 1 Zerwas General Appropriations Bill. The committee substitute contains all of the items of appropriation and riders that were previously adopted. The bill spends $114.6 billion GR which is well under the Comptroller’s Biennial Revenue Estimate of $119.1 billion. It contains about $2 billion from the economic stabilization fund (ESF) out of the $15.4 billion ESF. HB1 is within all four constitutional spending limits. The Chair stated that it provides:
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Texas State Senate: S.B. 500 Passes to Engrossment

The Full Senate took up SB500 (Committee Report) by Nelson, relating to making supplemental appropriations and reductions in appropriations and giving direction, including direction regarding reimbursement, and adjustment authority regarding…
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House Appropriations Committee: HHSC Riders

House Appropriations Committee Decision Document - Health and Human Services Commission Riders Decisions as of March 6, 2019 Representative Davis, Subcommittee Chair on Article II Members: Representatives Cortez, Hefner, Sheffield, Turner, J. LBB Analyst(s): Samantha Brock, Mike Diehl, and Rustin Dudley
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