LBB – COVID 19 Federal Funding Tracking

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Pursuant to Senate Bill 8 (Eighty-seventh Legislature, Third Called Session, 2021), the Legislative Budget Board is tasked with producing a quarterly report detailing COVID-19 federal funding flowing through the state. For your convenience, Texas Insight has reproduced this report below. The required reports exclude funds awarded directly to individuals and local entities. Information in the reports are organized by the federal bill that granted appropriation authority as reported by agencies and institutes of higher education. Information includes award name and recipient state agency, award amount, expended or obligation information, award balance, agency use of funds, and the performance period end date when funds must be fully expended by. Data not included in these reports are funds that went directly to cities, counties, and other local government entities that did not flow through the Texas state Treasury or a Texas state agency. However, links to certain allocation sheets sh

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