Special Report: Article II, Health and Human Services Exceptional Items

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Below is the budget detail and the description for exceptional items by Article II Agency. Shaded items indicate place holder. Health and Human services Commission Agency Exceptional Item Request, Budget Detail. Agency Exceptional Item Description. 1. Maintain Client Services Cost Growth. Maintain Medicaid and CHIP cost growth provides for the incremental cost increase in FY24-25 over FY23 levels for all acute and LTSS. The maintain TANF funding EI includes caseload and cost growth beyond FY22-23 appropriated amounts. The Medicaid entitlement and CHIP baseline requests include projected caseload growth at FY23 average cost. Maintain Medicaid Waiver Programs at FY23 levels provide waiver funding at the end-of-year population level to resolve a consequence of LBB budget instructions that can leave out services for those individuals in programs ramping up throughout the biennium, such as Medicaid 1915(c) waiver programs. The PACE cost growth EI considers inflation

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