HHSC Rider Change Request Analysis

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HHSC has requested the following rider changes. Riders for which HHSC did not request any changes are left blank. This document will be updated as recommendations and legislative action occurs. 1. 2. Capital Budget. None of the funds appropriated above may be expended for capital budget items except as listed below. The amounts shown below shall be expended only for the purposes shown and are not available for expenditure for other purposes. Amounts appropriated above and identified in the provision as appropriations either for "Lease Payments to the Master Equipment Purchase Program" or for items with an "(MLPP)" notation shall be expended only for the purpose of making lease-purchase payments to the Texas Public Finance Authority pursuant to the provisions of Government Code §1232.103. (And following) Update capital budget items and amounts to align with the 2024-24 baseline request. 3. 4. Cost Comparison Report. Out of funds appropriated above in Strategy B

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