Special Report: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Releases the Biennial Revenue Estimate

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WARNING: May not be suitable for young audiences. Yes, it is bad… but not as bad as it could have been. At the beginning of each regular session of the Texas Legislature, the Texas Constitution requires the Comptroller of Public Accounts to submit their opinion on the state’s financial condition and estimating the revenue that can be expected to guide appropriations for the next two-year budget period. This Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) forms the basis of each successive state budget during this time period. Legislators must ensure that total appropriations do not exceed the amount predicted to be available in the BRE. At or near the close of the session, the Comptroller will revise the estimate based on more current information and that revision will form the basis for “certification” of the Appropriations Bill where the Comptroller agrees that there is enough revenue anticipated to address the revenue demands established through appropriations made by that legislature. D

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