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HHSC: Texas Medical Disclosure Panel

The Texas Medical Disclosure Panel determines which risks and hazards related to medical care and surgical procedures must be disclosed by health care providers or physicians to their patients or persons…
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HHSC: Perinatal Advisory Council

The Perinatal Advisory Council develops and recommends criteria for designating levels of neonatal and maternal care. The Perinatal Advisory Council, created by House Bill 15 of the 83rd Texas Legislature (Regular…
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HHSC: Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke

The Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke conducts health education, public awareness and community outreach; improves access to treatment; coordinates activities among state agencies; and develops a database of recommendations for treatment and care. During the 76th session of the Texas Legislature, lawmakers passed House Bill 2085, which included the creation of the Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke.
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