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House Committee on Human Services

The House Committee on Human Services met to consider the following: HB 53 Minjarez | et al. – Relating to the transitional living services program for certain youth in foster care. HB…
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House Committee on Appropriations: HB1 and SB500

The Committee met to consider the following. HB 1 Zerwas General Appropriations Bill. The committee substitute contains all of the items of appropriation and riders that were previously adopted. The bill spends $114.6 billion GR which is well under the Comptroller’s Biennial Revenue Estimate of $119.1 billion. It contains about $2 billion from the economic stabilization fund (ESF) out of the $15.4 billion ESF. HB1 is within all four constitutional spending limits. The Chair stated that it provides:
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House Committee on Human Services

The House Committee on Human Services met to consider the following: HB 288 – Thompson, Senfronia | Relating to the personal needs allowance for certain Medicaid recipients who are residents of long-term…
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House Committee on Public Health: HB 10

The Committee on public health met to consider: HB 10 Thompson, Senfronia | et al Relating to grants and programs for researching and treating behavioral health and psychiatric issues. Also considered was HJR5, proposing a constitutional amendment providing for the issuance of general obligation bonds by the Texas Public Finance Authority to fund research, treatment, and access to services in this state for behavioral health, mental health, and substance use and addiction issues.
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The Weekly Insight: February 5

Texas Insight’s Recent Reports House and Senate Items of Appropriation. The following reports contain appropriations comparisons for the HHSC, the DSHS, and the DFPS drawn from H.B. 1 and S.B. 1.…
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Texas House of Representatives: Committee on Appropriations

The House Appropriations Committee met to hear testimony on the following:

  • Public Education Funding
  • Medicaid
  • Mental Health
  • School Safety
  • Child Protective Services
  • Border Security Funding
  • Transportation
  • Other budget matters
This report will address the presentations on Medicaid, Mental Health and Child Protective Services only.
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