The Weekly Insight: December 8, 2020

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Texas Insight provides timely reporting of healthcare issues and events as they occur within the legislative and regulatory branches of Texas state government.

HHSC: 1115 Waiver Fast Track Extension Application Meeting. HHSC has received federal approval of a waiver that allows the state to expand Medicaid managed care while preserving hospital funding, provides incentive payments for health care improvements and directs more funding to hospitals that serve large numbers of uninsured patients. HHSC is seeking feedback on the 1115 Waiver “Fast Track” extension proposal and will be submitted to CMS (see the CMS webpage for the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program). Read the report.

HHSC: Texas Medical Disclosure Panel. The panel gathered to hear an update on the TMDP member appointment process; review the 25 TAC §601.2(b) Cardiovascular system; review the 25 TAC §601.2(o) Respiratory system treatments and procedures; discuss and review the draft TMDP bylaws; address an inquiry regarding expanding TMDP membership; and take public comment. Read the report.

HHSC: Long-Term Care Plan for IDD and Related Conditions. The Health and Human Services Commission conducted an online public hearing to receive public testimony regarding the proposed LTC Plan. HHSC is required to develop a proposed plan on long-term care for individuals with an intellectual disability biennially. Read the report.

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