The Weekly Insight: November 3, 2020

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Texas Insight provides timely reporting of healthcare issues and events as they occur within the legislative and regulatory branches of Texas state government.

HHSC: Drug Utilization Review Board (Day 1). The Drug Utilization Review Board develops and submits recommendations for the preferred drug list, suggests clinical prior authorizations on outpatient prescription drugs, recommends education interventions for Medicaid providers, and reviews drug usage across Medicaid programs. This is a two-day meeting. Today, the Board will be looking at the PDL Classes. There will be no action taken by the DUR Board. All the drugs within the new PDL classes will be preferred and will remain available without a Predispense Authorization (PDA) prior authorization. Read the report.

HHSC: Public Health Funding and Policy Committee (PHFPC). The Committee gathered to discuss the COVID-19 Funding Allocation, the COVID-19 Response Review, the 2020 Annual Report/Recommendations Letter; and take public comment. Read the report.

HHSC: Healthy Texas Women Plus Webinar. The Healthy Texas Women (HTW) program is dedicated to offering women’s health and family planning services at no cost to eligible women in Texas. HTW: Improves access to comprehensive care for eligible women; expands services and eligibility so that more women qualify to receive services; and improves connection and coordination with other healthcare programs to deliver more robust, comprehensive, and continual women’s health services. Read the report.

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